Green Fish Curry

I’ve never had an Indian style fish curry before and always wanted to try it, so yesterday after strolling through a few recipes for fish curries I made this one up and it was amazing. It’s hard to assign it to a particular curry category, but I’d say South Indian, Goan style meets Thai Green Curry. The sauce is really fresh and fragrant and compliments the fish really well. It’s very quick and easy to do as well, only takes about 30 minutes. I served it with a salad and boiled basmati rice. I hope you enjoy it 😉

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Oriental Grilled Salmon with Stirfried Vegetables

This is a really quick and light meal with a bit of a kick. I guess it’s oriental inspired, as it has both Thai and Japanese influences.

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 4 Salmon fillets

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