Winter Warming Veggie Stew with Onion and Sage Dumplings

This is a super tasty, comforting, quick stew I wanted to share here. I have given the vegetarian recipe version, since the vegetables and spices are what really makes this work. However, if you fancy turning this into a chicken stew ( which is what I did) just use chicken stock instead and add some cooked chicken just before adding the dumplings. I used some leftovers from a roast chicken and it was great. I hope you enjoy it! 😉

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Italian Bread and Cabbage Soup

Jamie Oliver Italian Bread and Cabbage Soup

I absolutely adore this soup. It’s a winner every time at home and a great winter warmer. The recipe is from the Jamie at Home series and can be found online on Jamie Oliver’s official website here.

I cooked this again last night and it was great. Below you will find my slightly adapted version. I just used what we’ve got at home.


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My Very Berry Trifle

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Revane ака Bulgarian Eggy Sponge Cake with Sweet Vanilla Syrup

РеванеThis is a great super sweet and super easy Bulgarian classic, that brings me back to childhood. I must admit I borrowed the recipe from and haven’t changed anything as it really works. The sponge is very eggy though, so I suggest if you don’t like this to just replace 2 of the eggs with 50g of butter or use a classic sponge instead. Continue reading

Homemade Beef, Pork and Tomato Burgers

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Homemade Garlic Mayonnaise

Have you ever read the ingredients on a jar of mayonnaise? Especially the low-fat ones? There’s emulsifiers, potato starch and all sorts of stuff that doesn’t normally exist in a standard mayo recipe. Plus most of the time you don’t know what oil is used in it. So I decided to finally start doing my own.It’s so easy to make it and it tastes so much better than the shop bought one… 😉 Continue reading

Chocolate Truffle Cake

I love chocolate and this by far is my favourite chocolate cake. It works a treat! 😉

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Moules Mariniere with Cream, Garlic and Parsley

This is an amazing dish, my husband cooked for me a couple of weeks ago. The recipe is courtesy of Rick Stein and is taken from the BBC website. I had to share it as I think it’s a great dish and a very easy way to prepare this classic.  Continue reading

Chicken in Mushroom and Mustard Sauce

This is a very easy and quick recipe I made up a few weeks ago. The mushroom sauce works a treat! I suppose it coud be described as a lazy version of Chicken Stroganoff. If you are in a hurry and want to impress, I guarantee this is a winner 😉 Continue reading