English Muffins



  • 2 sachets of yeast
  • 450 g strong flour
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • pinch of sugar
  • 125 g yoghurt
  • 250 g warm water
  • 50 g semolina
  • oil for greasing
Cooking Method:
Mix 100 ml water with the yeast and sugar, leave to prove for 15 minutes. Add the rest of the water and yoghurt and mix well.
Sift the flour in a large pot, make a well, add the salt to one side and pour the yeasty mix in the middle.
Mix well, knead, proof for 1 hour, knead again, roll out 1 inch thick, cut out 8 muffins, sprinkle with semolina on both sides, place on greased baking tray and brush with little oil on top.
Proof for 40 minutes, bake in a hot grill for 5 mins on each side ( or until golden colour 😉

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